Nurse Comments On Free-Standing ER Experience

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I will enjoy reading your Journal of Free-Standing Emergency Medicine. As a nurse who currently works in one, I am proud of the care that we deliver. All of our RN’s must have at least 3 years of hospital based ED experience in order to be allowed to work in our Free-Standing ER. We are also staffed 24/7 with respiratory therapists. My facility is new so we are not terribly busy yet. Our patients enjoy being given more care, time and attention than they receive in hospital based ERs. As a nurse, it really pleases me to be able to have the time to deliver more than just computer based discharge instructions. I can offer referrals for social services that might be missed in an otherwise crazy, busy Hospital based ED. By taking this time and offering higher Quality of care, I am hoping that our patients see us as more than a doc in a box. Instead, I hope that folks see us as Professionals that really care about our patient’s outcomes. After all, this is why I chose to go into Healthcare. After years of growing discontentment with my career, working in a Free-Standing ER has sent my job satisfaction thru the roof. This is something that is difficult to find in health care today.
Jenny Walsh
Staff RN at Mercy Health Partners
Cincinnati, Ohio

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