Complicated Road: A Brief History of Insurance

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By Kate Walker Insurance dominates the marketplace in the United States. For decades, the insurance companies have set up a system that allows for their influence to be felt and seen throughout other major industries. While many sectors have been … Continued

Freestanding Emergency Centers Improve Access and Satisfaction for Patients, and Lessen Burnout for the Physicians Who Treat Them

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Michael J. Sarabia, MD, FACEP Affiliations: Councillor, Section for Freestanding Emergency Centers, American College of Emergency Physicians Attending, CHI Baylor/St. Luke’s Healthcare System, with its hospital-owned FECs, Houston, Texas, USA Medical Director, PhysiciansER, Houston, Texas, USA Board Member and Secretary, … Continued

It Is No Wonder That Patients Are Confused

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Henry Higgins, MD   Introduction Many new forms of healthcare facilities and office settings have developed over the past 20 years. No facility has caused more confusion than the Freestanding Emergency Center (FEC). Most-lay people are familiar with the concept … Continued

State of the Nation: Policy for Owning and Operating a Freestanding Emergency Department

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By Kate Walker, GLS (Grad Student at Large)     Henry Higgins, MD   Two factors determine who may own and operate Free-Standing Emergency Departments. Both of these factors are determined by the State in which the Free-Standing ED is … Continued

Coder’s Corner: Coding/Billing/Clues

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These tips are offered by coding and billing experts within the FSED industry. In the reality where insurance companies pick and choose what diagnosis they consider to be emergencies and secretly set “customary charge levels” we hope to assist emergency … Continued

The Role of Freestanding Emergency Centers (FEC) in Local EMS Systems

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Written by:    Henry Higgins, MD Institutions, physicians and corporations have often built their Freestanding Emergency Centers (FEC) without discussing the FEC’s role with local EMS. This has forced many EMS agencies to adapt to the FECs in various ways. … Continued

Emergency Medical Management of Air Embolism & Arterial Gas Embolism

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Written by:    George Schroeder MD., M.S., FACEP, FAAUCM Chief Medical Officer, Magellan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. International Scientific Advisory Board, Magellan BioScience Corp. Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Central Florida College of Medicine AAUCM Executive Council eJournal Senior … Continued

CASE REPORT: The Use Of CCTA In The Freestanding Emergency Center Setting.

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Written by:    Henry Higgins, MD                        John Dayton, MD, FACEP, FAAEM   Abstract The methods used to detect significant coronary artery stenosis/disease have been evolving alongside technological advances for … Continued

CASE REPORT: Iatrogenic Renal Abscess Presenting to Freestanding Emergency Center

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Written by:    Nathaniel Greenwood, DO, FACEP                        Medical Director Cedar Park Emergency Center                        Chief Medical Officer of Family … Continued

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